Your clients can create multiple lists of favorites and toggle back and forth between them by using a different email address for each list!

Upon their first viewing, hovering over an image will show the heart shaped icon to mark the image as a Favorite. Clicking on it will “favorite” the image.

When marking their first favorite image your visitor will be prompted to enter their email address, unless you have e-mail capture enabled then they have already entered in an e-mail address upon entry.

After favoriting an item, your gallery visitor can click on the “heart”  with the total # of images favorited at the top of the gallery, and look at the top right to verify which e-mail address is logged in at the time. The e-mail address will stay logged in in any subsequent gallery of yours in the future!


To load or switch to another pre-existing list of favorites, your visitor can click on their favorites list, then click on the email address shown and enter in another address associated with that pre-existing list. Likewise, to create a new list of favorites they can enter in a new email address at this time and can begin selecting new favorites for this list.

As always, all visitor favorites will be visible to you in your Analytics! To see your Analytics, click on your Collection and then Analytics in the top right. 

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