Auto Fulfillment was created to take as much of the work off of your shoulders as possible when it comes to printing and shipping client gallery orders!

With auto-fulfillment, all you need to do is set up your store in CloudSpot, and once a client places an order through your gallery it goes directly to our in-house lab for them to fulfill and drop shipped directly to your clients!

**If you want more control over the products and fulfillment process, we recommend our Custom Fulfillment option! (Read more here)**

Who Prints the Order?

Auto Fulfillment sales are 100% handled by our Partner Lab (WHCC) and is available for any photographers connected to Stripe and processing orders in USD currency.

Once an Auto Fulfillment order is placed, it is instantly sent to the Partner Lab for printing and shipping. You don't need to calculate any shipping at all!

What do I Have to Do When I Get an Auto Fulfillment Order?

No additional work from you is required, and the profits from your order are immediately deposited to your Stripe account - wasn't that easy? 😀

I'm Ready! How Do I Get Started?

Setting up sales in your galleries is a piece of cake. Click the button below to learn how to set up your store and create an auto-fulfillment catalog!

***If Auto-fulfillment is disabled in your account, click "Banking" in your store settings and make sure your currency is set to USD***

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