Now that you've signed up with CloudSpot, let's get started by learning what "Collections" and "Galleries" are!  📝

What is a Collection?

A "Collection" is what is created when you initially upload photos. The Collections you've created can be seen on your Dashboard, and you can upload / create a new Collection by clicking on “New Collection” at the top of your Collections.

Next, you have two options of sharing your photos via CloudSpot after creating your Collection. You can either share your photos through a Download Link, or you can easily create beautiful Online Galleries that emphasize YOUR business - not CloudSpot's :)

What is a Gallery?

Now that you've uploaded your Collection, it's time to share your photos through our stunning Online Galleries! 

With CloudSpot, you can create multiple Galleries! Is the florist asking for photos of the flowers? Does the event planner need photos of the decorations? Would you like to give the bride and groom a sneak peak of their ceremony photos? You can upload all of the photos from your Collection at once, and then pick and choose which photos you need to share and create different Galleries for each need!

To create or edit a web gallery, click on the Collection you’re working on, and then “View Galleries” at the top.

You can click "Create New Gallery” to create a New Gallery, or click "Edit" to make changes to any existing galleries.

With each Gallery, you have the ability to customize your Gallery's URL, download options, privacy, add watermarks, sell prints and products and much more! You can even create Gallery presets to make sharing your photos even faster.

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