So, you've opted to secure your photos in your gallery by watermarking them. Great! 

But, now let's say you now want your client to have access to the un-watermarked versions, and downloading them straight from the gallery will leave your client with watermarked images. What do you do?

Well, there are a couple of different options to explore depending on what it is you want your client to actually have access to. Let's explore!

Full Access

Your client has already paid for full access to their photos, and they may just want to have all of the photos stored locally on their computer. This is the easiest option as it is just another short step while sending them their gallery. When emailing the gallery, simply click the "Online Gallery & Zip File" option. We will then prompt you to select which folders you would like to include in the ZIP file. After, you will be able to select the settings for the ZIP files, including the expiration date, image size, and the option to watermark the image. You'll want to make sure "No" is selected for that last option. Finally, it is just a matter of choosing your email template, and sending it on its way!

If you'd like to just send the ZIP file and not the gallery link, you can do this from any folder in the collection by hovering your cursor over the folder and clicking the email button.

Partial Access

The two other options for your client to download un-watermarked images involve them only receiving some of the photos in the gallery. There are perks and limitations to each of the following options. So be sure to read both and choose whichever one fits your needs the best. Remember, if you are unsure, we're always here to help! 

 Option A: Favorites List

This option does include a step on your part as the photographer. So, if you'd rather have a fully automated system, option B might be the way to go. For this option, let's say that the contract with your client includes 15 digital images. You can send the gallery to your client and ask them to select their 15 top favorites. When they are done, they can let you know by hitting the "Alert Photographer" button. You then can go into your analytics and send them a ZIP file of just their favorites. You will have the same limitation options on this file as you would if you were sending the whole gallery. 

Option B: Discount Codes

In this option, we'll create a discount code to cover the cost of a digital download. 

First, you'll need to make sure that digital downloads are enabled in your store's catalog. Once that's complete, you can create the discount code to either cover 100% off of digital downloads or just enough to cover the costs of a set number of photos. Remember, if you set the discount code to cover 100% of digital downloads, your client will be able to download as many photos as they'd like. If your contract only includes a set number of photos, be sure the discount only covers the cost of those photos. For example, let's say again your contract includes 15 digital downloads. You can set the cost for each download to be $10 and then create a discount code for $150 off a digital purchase of $150 or more. This way they can also purchase more if they can't decide which ones they really want! Be sure to set the cost of your digital photos accordingly.  

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