In CloudSpot's Contacts section you have the ability to create custom Contacts Tags and assign them to one or multiple Contacts.

In your Contacts area you can then quickly filter by these Tags and use them when sharing images or a gallery. This means sending anything to group of people can be done in just a click!

Creating a Tag

Navigate to the Contacts section and click on โ€œAdd New Tagsโ€ on the left.

Enter the Tag name and customize the color.

Adding a Tag to a Contact

Select a Contact to expand and show the Contact details. Then click in the field next to the tag icon to show a dropdown of available tags.

You can add as many tags as you'd like to any Contact! Removing a tag is as easy as clicking the "x" icon.

Assigning a Tag When Saving New Contacts

There are many places throughout CloudSpot where you can quickly save an email address as a new Contact!ย 

Before saving, a window will appear which allows you to assign an existing tag or create a new tag for the contact.

Using Tags When Sharing a Gallery or Delivering Images

Rather than adding each individual Contact when sharing, you can opt to send to all Contacts with a given Tag in one click!

When sharing, you'll come the step where it asks you to enter an Email Recipient.

You can either type or select a Tag from the dropdown and all Contacts will be added!ย 

Removing someone from the email is easy as well. Click the "x" icon and they will not be kept as a recipient for this email.

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