There are key places throughout CloudSpot where you can easily save a new Contact and quickly add a new or existing Tag to them!

Collection Analytics - Favorites

Any client who has marked their favorite images in a gallery can be added to your Connections. Once added, you'll have the ability to email or share images/galleries with them at the push of a button!

(To visit your Collection Analytics, hover over the collection you’re working on, and click on the menu drop down arrow that should appear in the top right corner. Click on it, and then click on Analytics.)

Collection Analytics - Emails

If you enable Email Capture in your gallery settings, you now have the ability to add any/all gallery visitors directly to your Contacts! You can now save Visitors and add a special Tag just for them. This will allow you filter and view this group of people directly from your Contacts and email them directly!Β 

( *hint* Send them a Discount Code to help grow your sales πŸ’° )

Store - Order Details

When viewing the details of an order, you can save a new Contact from Order Actions and add a Tag to them.Β 

To get to your order details, click on your Store Dashboard, and then Orders. Then click on the Order detail icon next to the Amount Total.

(*hint* Creating something like a "Previous Customers" Tag might be a good idea for when you send out Holiday sales or promotions 🎁 )

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