Any Online Galleries you create and make visible on your Portfolio will have a category applied, so visitors can easily find what they're looking for!

When you have your categories ready, you will be able to send your clients a direct link to the galleries in that category. 

You can modify the category for any specific online gallery in an event by going to the "Access" tab in your gallery settings. 

To add your online gallery to your Portfolio and assign a category, click on the Event you’re working on, and then click on Galleries at the top.

Next, click “Edit” to see your gallery's settings. 

Navigate to the "General" tab, and make sure you have "Display on Portfolio" toggled to on. 

This should then activate the drop down menu right below it, where you can select a Category, or enter in a Custom Category by clicking the edit "pencil" icon.

Select a Category or create a Custom Category, and click "Update Gallery" when you're done!

You'll then be able to see this online gallery appear on your Portfolio under this new category!

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