Studio Quick Start Guide

Quickly get set up to start sending Contract, Invoices, and Questionnaires!

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Store Quick Start Guide

Your guide to setting up your Store and enabling sales in your Galleries!

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What is CloudSpot Working on Next?

Check out what the team has our sights on next and suggest a feature!

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Online Galleries

Everything you need to know about your client galleries

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CloudSpot Studio

Everything you need to know about using CloudSpot's CRM

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Selling with CloudSpot

Get all the details on selling through CloudSpot galleries

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Manage your branding, storage, and plan

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Everything you need to know about linking CloudSpot with other services you love!

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How to create and manage Collections

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Image Delivery

Sending images to anyone, at any size, in just seconds

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CloudSpot's Affiliate Program

Earn free months by referring your friends to CloudSpot!

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Watermarking delivered photos and photos in your client galleries

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How to view, share, and interect with client favorites lists

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My Portfolio

Managing the galleries shown on your Portfolio

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Troubleshooting resources to resolve any issues

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Everything Else

Quick tips and tricks in using CloudSpot

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