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How to Create a Digital Product Discount
How to Create a Digital Product Discount

Create a discount that can only be applied to digital products

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Discount codes can be customized to apply only to digital download products, meaning print products will be excluded from the discount.

1. Click Add Discount Code

In your Store, navigate to the Discount Codes section. Click Add Discount Code to open the discount code settings.

2. Customize the Discount Code Settings

To create a discount exclusively for digital products, set the Apply Discount To option to Digital Sales:

With digital product discounts, you customize whether can be applied to Single Image Digital Downloads, Full Gallery Digital Downloads, or both.

Make sure to set the Max # of Uses to 1 if you want clients to only use this discount code in their Gallery.

3. Save and Share the Discount Code

When you've finished customizing your discount code, click Save. This will save it to the Discount Codes section of your Store.

Now you can include this discount code when emailing your client Galleries. πŸ™Œ To save time, we recommend saving an email template that includes a section for sharing discounts.

If you have any questions or need additional help, feel free to contact us in the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner of your dashboard. We're always happy to help!

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