Navigate to your Store > Discount Codes section and click “Create a Discount Code"

If you do not have a payment method on your account, you must add one prior to being allowed access to this section.

Enter your desired discount code name and parameters.

Make sure that the "Digital Sales" option is selected to ensure the discount will only apply to digital products at checkout. You can also specify if you'd like your code to apply to purchase of single digital files, all files (the entire gallery), or both!

**You will also see options below for: Expiration date, Minimum Order, and Maximum # of Uses per Gallery - they are all optional and can be left blank.

Click "Save" and your new Discount Code will appear on your list.

**QUICK TIP** To quickly share discount codes now and in the future, we suggest creating a new email template for when you share a gallery; inviting your clients to visit and make a purchase! 

You can create as many templates for this as you'd like and have the ability to quickly add in your client's custom discount code in the email template text before sending. You will see the option to click "edit" to add any text on the fly to your email template.

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