You've connected to Stripe, created a Catalog, set your tax rate, and now you're ready to turn on sales in your Gallery!

If you have Galleries that were created before setting up your Store, you'll need to go back and enable Sales in those Galleries. Now that your Store is set up, all future Galleries will automatically have Sales enabled. 🎉

In your Collection, click on 'Galleries & Apps' and click on Settings for the Gallery you'd like to edit.

Navigate to the 'Sales' tab and toggle on 'Enable Store'. Select your Catalog from the drop-down (if you have multiple Catalogs they'll be shown here), then hit 'Update'!

Your Store is now live! 🤩 To see how things look from your client's perspective, simply hit 'Preview' on your Gallery and navigate to their Gallery Store!

To learn more about print and digital sales on CloudSpot, click below:

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