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Setting the Focal Point for your Cover Photo
Setting the Focal Point for your Cover Photo
Optimizing your cover photo for mobile devices
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We know that your Gallery Cover Photo is the first thing your clients see when viewing their Gallery - so of course, you want it to have that "WOW" factor! No matter what device or screen size they have, you can ensure that they will always be drawn to the focal point in the image.

This is especially powerful for vertically oriented cover photos. The focal point will be prioritized when the cover of the gallery appears on smaller screens (mobile, for example). You won't see as much of a difference on larger screens and with landscape-oriented photos, as the window can and does display the full cover image (or most of it!).

Click on the collection you’re working on, and then “Galleries & Apps” at the top. 

Click on “Settings” and navigate to the “Cover” tab to access your Cover Photo settings.

If you've already chosen your Cover Photo, click on “Position Cover” to adjust its position. If not, click on “Change Cover Photo” so you can choose the Cover Photo that best fits your Gallery!

Don’t forget to click on “Update” when you’re done! 😄

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