With CloudSpot, we've streamlined communicating with your clients and made it easier for them to notify you once they're done favoriting images!

Click here to learn how your client can start favoriting the images they love!

After your clients have entered in an e-mail address (you'll need to turn on e-mail capture first) and have favorited images, they should see the "heart" icon in the top right corner with the total number of photos they've liked.

Once your clients click on the "heart", they will be redirected a gallery of all your awesome photos that they have favorited. 

The client can then click on "Send Favorites" to be presented with a few various options. They should see the button for "Alert Photographer" in the subsequent drop down window.

You client will be asked to send you a message directly with any additional comments - and then press send once they're done! 👍

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