🚨 Connection Alert 🚨

New CloudSpot connections are not supported by Dubsado; however, if you already have connected CloudSpot to Dubsado, you can continue using this integration πŸ˜„

Once you have created your galleries in CloudSpot, you will need to log in to your Dubsado account and head to a job or lead page.Β 

Under Forms, you can pick from the dropdown "Add CloudSpot Gallery Link"

Once you click to add a gallery link, it will pop up with all available galleries that you have not added yet.

This will now add it to the job. Β 

VIEW - opens a new tab to view the link
SEND - allows you to send the gallery link via email in Dubsado
EDIT - allows you to change the gallery if need be
APPLY TO PORTAL - puts the link in the client portal for clients to access there.Β 

**CloudSpot galleries will appear on the homepage of the client portal as well as in documents 😍**

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