✨ HOW TO ✨

To add a YouTube video to your gallery, visit your gallery settings by clicking on the collection in your Collection Dashboard, and then click Galleries & Apps at the top right. Next, click β€œEdit” next to the gallery you'd like to embed the video into.

Navigate to the "Advanced" tab in your gallery settings to access the "Embed Media" section.

Finally, head over to YouTube and copy the URL for the video you'd like to embed. Take that link and paste it into the YouTube section on CloudSpot. Then, click Update!

BOOM! You're done! πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰

✨ F.A.Q. ✨

Q: Which types of videos can I embed?

A: You can embed any video aspect ratio (standard 16:9, square, vertical, etc.). Just know that the video will be letter-boxed to fit the standard 16:9 ratio of the player while in grid view. You can also embed 360Β° and live videos!

Q: What visibility settings do I select on YouTube?

A: YouTube offers 3 different visibility settings: Public, Unlisted, and Private. Click here to learn about the differences of these options. Public and Unlisted videos can be embedded in CloudSpot.

Q: Can clients click on the video to view it on YouTube?

A: Yes! By clicking on the title of the embedded YouTube video, clients can view the video on YouTube's site. If comments and likes are enabled on YouTube, they can leave those there. From there they can also access your YouTube channel!

Want your client to be able to download the video?

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