What is Zapier?

More information about what Zapier is and how you can use it to automate and streamline processes in your business!

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Zapier is a platform that allows anyone to automate simple tasks with just a few clicks. It connects with thousands of apps and allows users to pull information from one platform to another (through an automated workflow called a Zap), allowing for less busywork without any code!

Need to log store transactions in a Google Sheet? Want to automatically add gallery visitors to your favorite email marketing system? Zapier takes these simple, menial tasks and automates them for you.

✨ F.A.Q. ✨

Q: What can Zapier do for me?

A: Zapier can save you a ton of time and streamline your business by automating small, time-consuming tasks and connecting the apps that you use everyday to run your business through workflows called "Zaps". You can connect CloudSpot with any app that has a Zapier integration and create an automated process that works for you!

Q: Is it free or do I need another subscription?

A: Zapier has tiered pricing based on how many Zaps you plan to run, but the Free plan is great for any small business looking to automate just a few tasks per month.

Q: Do my clients need an account?

A: CloudSpot's Zapier integration is designed to benefit our photographers; your clients will not interact with Zapier directly, and they will not need a Zapier account.

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A Zap is an automated workflow between your apps. For example, you may have a Zap that texts you every time someone enters their email into a gallery and another Zap that saves emails collected from CloudSpot galleries to a Google Sheet. Zaps consist of at least two parts: a trigger and one or more actions.


A trigger is the event in an app that starts the Zap. Once you set up a Zap, Zapier will monitor the app for that event. For the save gallery email addresses to a Google Sheet example, your Zap will log every visitor that enters your gallery only after they've entered their email!


An action is the event that completes the Zap. For the save email addresses to a Google Sheet example, the action is recording the email address to your Sheet.

Curious about how to get started with Zapier? Check out our article on connecting your Zapier Account to CloudSpot:

Don't have a Zapier account yet? Get started by creating one here!

If you have any questions or need additional help, feel free to contact us in the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner of your dashboard. We're always happy to help!

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