Nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with tapping out captions for Instagram and Facebook on your mobile device. Finding vendor handles, creating hashtags, and crafting captions that can help grow your followers has always been so time-consuming! πŸ₯΅

Our Captions feature allows you to create your Insta-perfect posts directly on your CloudSpot dashboard! Here's how...

  1. Navigate to your Collection and click on an image to select it. You'll see a new Captions icon in the top right of your selected photo.

  2. Click that icon to see a tray on the right side of your Dashboard appear. Within there you can create/save unique Captions for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!

    *NOTE* For images with saved Captions, you'll now see a badge above the image on your dashboard.

  3. To quickly access only the images with saved Captions, click on the Captions button at the top of your Collection.

  4. Click on any image to see your Captions and copy your saved text to your device clipboard with a click! Pasting that into Instagram or Facebook is now a breeze πŸ₯³

    (πŸ“£ Log in to your CloudSpot Dashboard on your mobile browser to access your Captions! Copy saved text, swipe over to Instagram, paste the text - DONE! )

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