We know that the experience matters when clients interact with your business, and including Premium Packaging for your orders can add that little extra touch!

Our current lab partners (WHCC) offers Premium Packaging for photo prints up to and including 11" x 14" in size.

If there is a part of your order which has prints larger than 11" x 14" they will be packaged separately. However, if the order contains only prints larger than 11" x 14", Premium Packaging will not be added (and no fees will apply).

A fee of $7.50 is added to your Cost of Goods Sold for all orders which include Premium Packaging.

What do my Clients Receive?

Prints are presented in a chocolate colored box with cream tissue paper. The box is tied with a light colored cloth ribbon (see below image or click here to learn more).

**Note: To add Premium Packaging to an existing Catalog, click on the "Edit" icon**

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