Embedding a Canva Slideshow

How to Embed Canva Slideshows into Your Galleries!

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Canva is an incredible tool for so many things - including building slideshows! With CloudSpot's Embed Media feature, you can include a slideshow from Canva directly into your Client Gallery!

How to Embed a Slideshow from Canva

To do this, first build your slideshow on Canva. Then click the Share button and scroll down to "More". From there click the Embed option and then generate Embed links. Copy the "Smart embed link".

Here's a GIF showing exactly how to get this link:

Here's an example of a Smart embed link from Canva:

You may also receive a link the ends in "/view" rather than "/watch". If the link ends with "/view" your client will need to click through the slides manually, while if it ends in "/watch", the slideshow will be more like a video that automatically transitions from slide to slide. You can change how the slideshow is played by adjusting the last word of this link.

To make this displayable on CloudSpot, you'll just need to add "?embed" to the end of the URL. Here's an example of the final link:

Then visit your gallery settings by clicking on the collection in your Collection Dashboard and then click Galleries & Apps at the top right. Next, click “Settings” next to the gallery you'd like to embed the video.

Next, scroll down to the bottom the "General" tab in your gallery settings to access the "Embed Media" section.

Take that link you edited earlier and paste it into the "Other URL" section in your Gallery Settings. Then, click Save Gallery!

And just like that - client's can now view the slideshow right in their Gallery 🎉

✨ F.A.Q. ✨

Q: What happens when I edit the slideshow?

A: When you edit a Slideshow in Canva, that is automatically updated in the Gallery! So the next time your client visits their Gallery (or refreshes their page), the newest version of their slideshow will appear!

Q: Can clients download their slideshow?

A: Canva does not give viewers the option to download a slideshow, so it's not possible for clients to download the Slideshow directly from the Gallery. However, clients can click the share button on the slideshow player to get a link directly to the slideshow.

If you have any questions or need additional help, feel free to contact us in the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner of your dashboard. We're always happy to help!

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