If you prefer to sell your own products, live outside of the region of one of our Partner Labs, or just love to have more control over your gallery sales - then Custom Fulfillment Catalogs will be a perfect fit! (What is Custom Fulfillment? Read more here)

Once you have Connected Stripe to process your gallery sales, go to your Store Dashboard > Catalogs section and click the + Create Catalog button to add at new Catalog.

Select "Custom Fulfillment" and give your Catalog a name.

Your Catalog will appear blank, so click the "Add Product" button to select your item category. Input a name, price, short description, and any additional shipping costs which may apply to this particular item. Here you can also upload any images that you want to include of your product.

Once your Catalog is populated, you can apply this Catalog to any client gallery which has sales enabled! (click below to learn more)

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