If you prefer to sell your own products, live outside of the region of one of our Partner Labs, or just love to have more control over your gallery sales - then Custom Fulfillment Catalogs will be a perfect fit! (What is Custom Fulfillment? Read more here)

Once you have Connected Stripe to process your gallery sales, go to your Store Dashboard > Catalogs section and click the + Create Catalog button to add at new Catalog.

Select "Custom Fulfillment" and give your Catalog a name.

Your Catalog will appear blank, so click the "Add Product" button to select your item category and input a name, price, and any additional shipping costs which may apply to this particular item. You can choose if will be a print, product, or digital purchase.

Once your Catalog is populated, you can apply this Catalog to any client gallery which has sales enabled! (click below to learn more)

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