Sending an Online Gallery Link + Zip File
Sending an online gallery and a zip file all within one email.
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On CloudSpot, you can send a direct download link for your client's images along with their Gallery, making it super easy for clients to download their images! ๐Ÿ˜„

To email a Gallery and a direct download link, click on the Collection youโ€™re working on and then click "Galleries & Apps".

From there, select 'Email' on the Gallery you want to send.

Enter the email of the client you're sending the Gallery to and hit next. You'll have two options to choose from: Online Gallery or Online Gallery and ZIP file. Click on 'Online Gallery & Zip File' and follow the screen flows to choose which Folders you'd like to share direct download links for. Your recipient will receive an email with a download link to those images as well as a link to view their gallery!

You can customize the settings for the ZIP files independent of your Gallery Settings!

You can then either select an email template or craft an email from scratch and send the Gallery to your client!

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