To deliver a gallery or a subfolder of a collection AND a link to view an online gallery, click on the Collection you’re working on and then click "View Galleries".

Then go to the gallery you'd like to share a viewing link and download link to.

Now you can enter in who you’d like to send your images to. You can type in an e-mail address, name of someone in your Contacts, or a Contact Tag.

Click on the "Online Gallery & Zip File" option and follow the screen flows thereafter to choose your folders to share via zip file, zip file settings, and custom email template! Your recipient will receive an email with a download link to those images as well as a link to view their gallery!

**NOTE: Your zip file settings are independent of your selected online gallery download settings.

For example, you can send a zip file with the "Original" files while still sending a web gallery with only the "Web" size allowed for download.**

Afterwards, you will see what folders will be included in the direct download. At this time, you can change which folders to send.

Next, you will be editing the settings specifically for the zip file.

Afterwards, choose the e-mail template you’d like to use. You can make edits to the text in case there’s any last minute changes you’d like to make.

Once you press send, you should get a confirmation pop-up! And you’re done! ✅

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