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Copy and Move Images Between Folders
Copy and Move Images Between Folders
Easily organize images using the copy/move tool!
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You can quickly transfer selected images between Folders using the Move or Copy tools in your Collection!

To get started, select the image(s) you wish to Copy or Move. You can use the Command/Control or Shift key to select multiple images at once.

Once you've selected your images, you'll be able to choose between moving or copying them to an existing or new Folder.

With both, you will then be given the option of which folder you’d like to Move or Copy your images to. Note that if you choose to Copy images to another folder, this will take up additional space in your storage.

Poof! ✨ You'll see the images appear in the Folder you selected! Any online galleries which display images from this folder will also automatically be updated with these new images. If you choose to create a new Folder, you'll be able to name that Folder right then and there.

Once you hit "Create", your new Folder containing the selected images will appear in the sidebar of your Collection!

Wasn't that easy? πŸ™Œ

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