The best way to describe the Lightroom and CloudSpot connection is that it is a one-way sync.

This means that collections and images you export from Lightroom to CloudSpot will only be visible and accessible within your LR publish services. Any collections you upload directly to CloudSpot will not be visible to you in Lightroom.

πŸ“£If you have CloudSpot open prior to you initiating a LR export, you will not see that Collection immediately appear in real-time on your CloudSpot dashboard. It will require you to do a quick log out/in to refresh your Collections list.

If you delete an image in CloudSpot from one of your Collections that you exported from Lightroom, rest assured it will not delete the image in your Lightroom catalog.

However, if you update an image in Lightroom and use Publish Services to update that collection or folder in CloudSpot, the change will be applied and any related web galleries will also display the updated image(s) right away!

For more info and a walkthrough of CloudSpot's Lightroom plugin, check out our tutorial here!

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