Creating Categories on your Portfolio page is a great way to allow your clients to easily filter between the various types of work you want to publicly share!

Any Online Galleries you create and make visible on your Portfolio can have a Category applied. You can choose from any of the default Categories or create your own!

1. To add a custom category for your Portfolio, click on My Account > Settings and go to Portfolio Settings. You will see the Manage Categories section at the bottom of the page.

2. Click "Add Category" and rename it by clicking the "Edit" button. Save it by clicking the checkmark!

NOTE: This new Category will not be visible on your Portfolio page until you assign at least one gallery to it.

3. To quickly grab the URL to a specific Category to share with clients, click "Copy Link" next to the Category you want to share.

4. To hide a particular Category and make it only visible through a direct link, click the hide icon to the left fo the Category.

NOTE: The Category will still be visible through the direct link, but not on your main Portfolio page.

2. Once you see the modal appear showing all of your Galleries and Mobile Apps for that Collection, click “Edit” to see a gallery's current settings.

3. Navigate to the "General" tab, and make sure you have "Display on Portfolio" toggled to ON.

4. This should then activate the drop-down menu right below it, where you can select a Category. Select your new Category and click "Update" when you're done!

You'll then be able to see this online gallery appear on your Portfolio under this new category!

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