In addition to adding an optional display name for your online gallery, you can add a custom URL to your client gallery. 🙌

QUICK TIP: Custom URLs should contain:

  1. More than 3 characters (max of 80).

  2. Contain letters (Latin characters), numbers, and dashes only.

  3. It should start and end with a number or letter.

Every one of your CloudSpot galleries will have a URL format like this:

Note: You can modify this URL at any time, but be aware that any previous links you have sent out to this gallery may be broken.

You can edit your Custom URL in your gallery settings. To get to your Gallery settings, open the Collection you're working on, and then "Galleries & Apps" in the top right.

From there, select “Settings”. You'll see the option to edit your custom URL in the “General” tab.

This is not required. You can leave this area blank and a URL will be created for you automatically when you publish your gallery.

Click "Update" and you're done! Again, make sure to resend the Gallery to your client if you change the URL after they its already been delivered. 👍

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