Have your photos displayed more clearly by customizing the Gallery Layout and Gallery Padding for each Gallery!

For your Gallery Layout, you can choose from Small and Large Columns, or Small and Large Rows. If most of your photos are landscape, we highly encourage you to utilize either the Small or Large Rows Layout options 😃

For your Gallery Padding, you can choose from Original, Medium, or Wide Padding (Medium is our favorite!)

To adjust your Gallery Layout and Gallery Padding settings, visit your Gallery settings by clicking on your collection and clicking on “Galleries”.

In the popup, click "Edit" next to the Gallery you’re working on.

In the "Layout" tab, you can choose a different Layout or Padding option for your gallery 😃

Click on "Update" or "Publish" when you're done, and your gallery will automatically be updated, and you don’t need to create or resend the gallery link!

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