Our new Mobile Gallery App feature allows you to create a beautiful mobile gallery that your clients can download to their phones! It's a wonderful way to deliver photos to your clients so that they can view them instantly on their phones. 

Creating a Mobile App

First, click into the Collection that you're wanting to create an app from. Click on the "Create Mobile App" button.

From here, you can adjust the settings and layout of the app. When you're ready to publish and deliver the app to a client, simply click "Create Mobile App"!

If you already have an active Gallery or App and you're needing to create a new one, simply select the "Galleries & Apps" button.

From here, you'll be able to see all of your current galleries and apps. When you click "Create Mobile App" at the top, you'll be able to add a new Mobile App without taking up anymore space!

When you're ready to email your mobile app, simply click the "Galleries & Apps" button and select "Email" from the list on the appropriate app you're hoping to send out.

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