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Some frequently asked questions about our Mobile Gallery Apps!

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How do I create an App?

Looking for instructions on how to create your own app? Click here!

What sort of things can I do with Mobile Gallery Apps?

Mobile gallery apps are an awesome way to serve your clients. You can use them to create sneak peeks, boost your sales, give your clients a sweet gift, or even create an app for vendors with all of your best work together! The opportunities are limitless when it comes to your mobile apps on CloudSpot.

Are there features that aren't available in Apps?

There are no limits on the features that you can include in your apps! You can choose from all the same layouts as your galleries, eight different cover layout options, slideshows, video embedding, and more. Your clients can download, favorite, and share from their app just like in a gallery.

Are there any image restrictions?

Absolutely not! You can upload a FULL gallery of images onto your client's app without fear of any limits or restrictions. 

What if I add more photos or folders to my Collection?

Our apps are "evergreen" in the sense that if you choose to update the images within your Collection or add new photos, your client's app will automatically update to reflect those changes!

Can my clients download their photos in the app?

Yes! Absolutely, your clients can download their images by clicking the "Download" symbol within their app. They can then save single photos to their camera rolls by holding their finger on the image and selecting "Save Image".

Are prints available within the app?

You bet! Clients can purchase any photos or prints directly from their app. It makes driving sales through CloudSpot that much easier! 

Do apps take up extra space in my CloudSpot account?

No! Actually, apps source the photos that are within your collection and don't take up any additional storage, just like your galleries. You can create as many apps as you want and not have any effect on your storage! 

Do I need to download the app from the App Store?

Actually, no! CloudSpot's Client apps are created through your phone's built-in operating system. They are saved from the web as shortcuts to the gallery and act as an app. They do not need to be downloaded from the App Store.

Can my clients view their photos offline in their app?

Unfortunately, apps sync with CloudSpot to pull the images from your Collections! That means if your client doesn't have service, they will not be viewable offline.

If you have any questions or need additional help, feel free to contact us in the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner of your dashboard. We're always happy to help!

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