Have you ever wanted to make your galleries a bit more interactive? Maybe you'd like to have your clients leave a review after they're finished looking at their photos? Now your clients can click a button and be sent anywhere straight from their gallery!

Creating a Custom Button

To begin, simply open up the settings for the gallery you're wanting to edit and navigate to the "Layout" section as shown below. Click the button underneath "Call to Action Button" to turn this feature on!

From here, you'll be able to add a description that shows above the button. Think of it as a personal message to your clients! You can also customize the button text that will show up inside of the button itself. Lastly, you'll have a field to customize the link that the button will send your clients to. You can make this your favorite place to be reviewed, a hosting site for your album proofs, a sweet blog post, and much more! It's completely customizable to fit you.

Once you've finished with your customization, simply hit "Update" and the button will show up in your gallery! 

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