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✨ The Analytics & Contacts Sections ✨

In this article, we’ll be learning about our analytics section, exploring client favorites, and reviewing the contacts section as well!

The Analytics Section

In order to access a Collection’s analytics section click on the "Analytics" button in the upper right-hand side of your Collection.

The first window to open will be the Analytics overview page, where you can see a basic overview of information on the galleries you've created within this Collection.

An easy-to-use navigation bar is located on the left side of your Analytics window. To see what images your clients are favoriting, click on the Favorites button.


Once opened, favorited images are separated by gallery name and broken down even further by visitor email addresses. Clicking on an email address on the left will show that client's favorites, which are separated by Folder. You can view, email, and download single image favorites by hovering over an image.

Using the Quick Actions menu in the top right-hand corner, you’ll see options to instantly deliver just these favorite photos via email! You can also quickly download the images to your computer, create a new folder in your Collection of just these photos, and copy these file names to your clipboard.

If you have email capture enabled for your gallery, any addresses that you collect will show up in the “Emails Captured” section in the left-hand navigation bar. This section allows you to see exactly who has viewed your gallery, their contact info, and how many favorites they may have selected.

You can also easily send them an email, add them to your Contacts or save all these emails to your computer in the form of a CSV or plain text file.

Contacts Section

As you collect email addresses, you can store them using the built-in address book in the contacts section! Contacts can be added to this list when you send out an email from CloudSpot. Or, you can add a new contact by clicking this button right here at the top.

Within your Contacts section, you also have the ability to add a tag to one or more people, easily grouping them together! This makes communication and organization a breeze.

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Ready for the grand finale? In the last article, we'll be reviewing how to add branding and reviewing your account settings. Take a look by clicking the button below!

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