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Augmented Reality (AR) Store Previews
Augmented Reality (AR) Store Previews

Learn how clients can view true-to-size print previews right in their homes!

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Augmented Reality store previews now allow clients to see their photos on their walls BEFORE they buy!

Helping clients envision how your work will look on their walls has always been a challenge when selling large canvases and prints. Do they need a 16x20 or a 20x30 canvas for that spot above the mantel? Choosing the right image and the right size for products can be overwhelming and prevent your clients from making their purchases.

If they can't visualize exactly what they are buying, you run the risk of never making the sale at all or having unhappy clients when they make a mistake.

Only through CloudSpot’s Augmented Reality previews can your clients now see on their phone, in real-time, their image of the exact product they want to purchase! There has never been an easier way to give clients the peace of mind of knowing what they buy from your gallery Store will fit perfectly in their space!

So... How does it work?

Well, not exactly... But it sure seems like it 🧙

When your clients visit their Gallery, a new button will appear on supported products called "View in my space":

On mobile devices, the “View in my space” button will immediately launch the native AR functionality already built-in to modern smartphones. Once their phone measures the space, their canvas or print preview will be placed in the desired location for viewing. Once placed, clients can move around holding their device and explore their product from every angle; repositioning it until everything is perfect!

If a client is viewing a canvas or print product on their desktop, the “View in my space” button will launch a QR code that they can scan with their mobile device. Once scanned, the same mobile experience described above takes over and lets them view and buy with confidence!

We could go on, but how'd you like to give it a go? If you're on a supported mobile device, click the button below to see how Augmented Reality works:

Or If you're on a desktop, scan this QR Code with your phone:

Learn More!

Augmented Reality is a also great tool for In-person Sales or Virtual Sales Sessions!

Check out our Blog that goes over how to build this into your client experience:

✨ F.A.Q. ✨

Q: What Devices does this work on?

A: This feature is available on the following devices:

• iOS: iPhone 6S and newer, running iOS 11.0 version and newer

Q: Which Products work with AR?

A: For now, the AR Store Experience works with our most popular Auto-Fulfillment Print and Canvas options. But we plan to support more products in the future 📆

Q: How do I get AR in my Store?

A: For a limited time, the AR Store Experience is available to all users regardless of your plans. So that means it's already enabled. Now that's ✨magic✨

Q: How much does this cost?

A: AR is included in your plan at no extra cost! 🆓 9️⃣ 9️⃣

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