The entire team at CloudSpot thrives off of feedback. We hustle every day to build a platform to help make things easier for photographers just like us!

We absolutely love brainstorming, trying new things, and dreaming big. We firmly believe that you should have a part in that journey as we all grow together. Below is a list of some of the bigger features we have in our sights.

📣 This list is in no particular order and definitely does not
represent everything...we like keeping a few surprises up our sleeves!

In Progress:

  • Enhanced Gallery Store Experience - Paving the way to help you earn more through every gallery.

  • More Print Lab Partners - We are reaching out to more labs both in the USA and internationally to explore possibilities.


  • Dubsado Integration (Phase 2) - We will continue to build more powerful connections between our two companies which help streamline your workflow!
  • PayPal Payment Option - Connecting your PayPal account to process gallery orders and for a quick checkout option for your clients.
  • Automated Emails - For sales and gallery reminders.
  • Deeper Analytics - Tracking emails, client activity, and Collection history.
  • Print & Product Packages - The ability to customize and sell bundled items at a discounted price in your gallery. (ie. Two 4x6s, three 8x10s, and one digital download...all for $25)
  • Catalogs Supporting Custom + Auto Fulfillment Products - The ability create a Catalog which allows you to sell some items from our print partners and others to be fulfilled by you.
  • Notifications Center - A single place where all activity from your clients is shown to you on your dashboard.

  • Pay Offline - Photographers can accept orders in their gallery, but collect payment separately from their client.

On our Radar to Explore:

  • Square Integration - Ability to connect your personal Square account and accept payments through your client gallery.
  • Custom Domains - You'll be able to have your own domain in your CloudSpot Portfolio URL and galleries.

Recently Released:

  • Order Review - Approve cropping and replace images in Auto Fulfillment orders prior to sending it to print. (✨RELEASED ON 02/19/20 ✨)
  • Mobile App Presets - You can now save frequently used settings and apply them to new Mobile Apps with just one click. (✨RELEASED ON 12/06/19 ✨)

  • New Lab Partners - Millers Professional Imaging and Mpix Lab. (✨RELEASED ON 11/14/19 ✨)

  • Folder Download Restriction - Control which folders in your gallery can be downloaded by your clients (✨RELEASED ON 9/12/19 ✨)

  • Download PIN - Restrict gallery downloads to only people who have a private PIN code (✨RELEASED ON 9/9/19 ✨)

  • Client Mobile Apps - Create and deliver unique mobile apps for your clients; all sent through your CloudSpot dashboard! (✨RELEASED ON 8/13/19 ✨)

  • More WHCC Products - Our catalog will be expanding to new print sizes and paper types. (✨ RELEASED ON 7/24/19 ✨)

  • Multiple Gallery Visitor Favorite Lists -  Clients will have the ability to save their favorites photos to more than just one general list. (✨RELEASED ON 3/28/19 ✨)

  • Email Templates - New designs and customization options. (✨RELEASED ON 10/05/18 ✨)
  • Mobile/Web Access - Being able to access your images, get gallery links, and adjust gallery settings on the go!  (✨WEB ACCESS RELEASED ON 7/03/18 ✨)  (✨MOBILE ACCESS RELEASED ON 8/23/18 ✨)
  • Extend Download Link Expiration - We're exploring what is involved with either removing or extending the 14 day expiration set to all download links. (✨RELEASED ON 4/09/18 ✨)  (✨DOWNLOAD EXPIRATION REMOVED COMPLETELY ON 8/09/18 ✨)

  • CloudSpot 3.0 - The desktop application is getting a BIG update based upon the feedback of our community and paving the way for new things to come! (✨RELEASED ON 5/22/18 ✨)

  • Dubsado Integration (phase one) - The ability to quickly add a CloudSpot gallery link in the Dubsado Client Portal. (✨RELEASED ON 4/16/18 ✨)

  • Additional Languages - Client galleries will be available in more more languages. (✨RELEASED ON 4/09/18 ✨)

  • Client Gallery - An updated interface, experience, and enhanced favoriting/mobile features. (✨RELEASED ON 3/20/18 ✨)

  • Gallery Covers - More layout options and support for adding a unique cover photo to any gallery in a Collection. (✨RELEASED ON 3/20/18 ✨)

Have a great feature suggestion? We'd love to hear it!

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