Now that you've added all of your very own custom logos and colors to CloudSpot, it's time to upload your first Collection! 

  1. Click on “Create Collection”.

2. Enter Collection Details

Input the name of your Collection, the date, as well as Collection Tags. Make sure to separate your Tags with a comma if you’re adding more than one Tag. Tags can help you organize your collections in your application!

3. Drag and Drop Images or Folder(s) to Begin Uploading

You have the freedom to drag in images or you can select multiple folders and drag all of them in to upload at once! CloudSpot will maintain the folder names and organization of the images.

**By default, all images uploaded to a Collection must be in a folder, so if you upload only images, you will see a "My photos" folder appear on your dashboard.**

Re-naming your folders is easy and can be done at any time. (Learn how here)

To upload images to a new Collection, you can drag and drop photos directly to your dashboard!

To upload images to a Collection that already has photos in it, click on your Collection and then “Upload photos”.

To add folders, click on “Add Folder” on the bottom-left.

You can then choose to upload or create a new Folder.

Once your images are uploaded to your new Collection, the next step is either to Create an Online Gallery and/or to deliver those photos directly via an instant download link!

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