Absolutely! You can send one or a selection of photos in seconds.

Click on your collection, then click on an image or select a group of images that you want to quickly send. In the toolbar at the bottom, click “Share" and then continue with the normal sharing sequence!

1a. Single Image Select

1b. Multi-image Select (hold command key or shift key)

You’ll then be prompted to to enter the email address of the person you want to deliver these selected photos to! 

If you have the e-mail addresses saved in your contacts, it should auto-populate as you start typing. Don’t forget to send a copy to yourself also if you’d like a receipt of the e-mail!

Once you've entered you recipients, enter in the settings for your direct download link.

Pick an e-mail template, and personalize it by clicking “Edit”. We encourage you to enter in a customized e-mail subject!

And, you’re done! Just those photos you selected on your dashboard will be sent at the exact settings you chose. Super fast and easy!

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