When you create/edit an online gallery for a Collection, you can enable or disable downloads and dictate what exact sized image your clients can download. If you’re on the free plan, you’ll be able to set your downloads to a maximum of 2048px along the longest edge (Social Media sized).

To enable downloads in an online gallery, select the Collection containing the gallery you want to adjust and click “Galleries & Apps”.

** If you do not have a gallery created yet, click the blue button which says "Create Gallery" and you'll be taken right into choosing the settings**

If you already have one or more gallery created, you'll see galleries listed in the next screen.

Click on the "Edit" button to modify a particular gallery's settings.

Once the gallery settings modal appears, click on the “Download” tab.

From within this tab, you can toggle "Allow Downloads" to ON. You can also select which Folders you'd like your clients to be able to download. By deselecting a folder for Download, your clients will be able to view the images, but not download them.

Once enabled, you can specify the exact dimensions gallery visitors will be allowed to download by selecting from the Image Size options.

If watermarks are enabled in your web gallery and you have downloads ON, any downloaded images will also appear watermarked.

Your client will have the ability to download individual images in their online gallery or request to download all photos with just one click! Your custom size setting will apply to the images they receive.

Where Single Image Downloads Appear in the Gallery:

Your client can download an entire category, just their favorites, or All Photos by clicking the download icon in the top right of their gallery.

The next screen gives them the option what to download. An email from your business to them will be sent out with a direct link to download those requested photos.

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