Typically once an order is submitted to the lab, it cannot be canceled or edited.

The best safeguard against this is to enable Order Review, which allows you to hold an order for 1-7 days during which you can re-crop or replace images in the order. If needed, we can also cancel or update the shipping address on the order before it's submitted to the lab.

If the order has already been submitted, we may still be able to help. If the lab hasn't already printed and shipped the order, we can update the address with the lab, or return it to Order Review so that you make your adjustments.

If you need to cancel and order or make any changes, please send us a message via the chat bubble inside of CloudSpot. Include the order number and any other information (like an updated address) so that we can help you as quickly as possible.

If you have trouble with the chat feature you can also contact us at [email protected]. However, you will typically see a faster response when you message us directly on CloudSpot.

Since our Partner Labs are so quick in fulfilling orders, we will do our best to catch the order before it is printed and shipped.

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