Watermark designs can vary greatly for photographers, so we wanted to give you the most control over how your watermark is stamped onto your images!

IMPORTANT: If you intend to have your watermark span the full width of your image, please make sure your watermark file resolution can support this width without pixellation.

For example, if you normally upload 4000px wide photos to store and deliver with CloudSpot, then open an image that size in Photoshop and create your jpeg or transparent png watermark file to fit in relation to that image.

  1. Open up original file and logo image in Photoshop

2. Drag and drop the logo file onto the original image. Free Transform the logo to adjust the size.

3. Once you have your watermark sized to your liking, open a new Photoshop document.

4. Make sure the new document background is "Transparent" and click "Ok."

5. Drag and drop your newly-resized logo from your original image onto this new document.

6. In the menu, go to Image > Trim and trim away the extra pixels around your logo.

7. Save that watermark as either a jpeg or transparent png file (recommended).

Great! You now have a watermark file to upload to your Gallery Settings. From there you're able to customize the Opacity and Scale and use this watermark whenever needed in galleries you create within CloudSpot!

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