Once your client has requested a download link for their Gallery, they'll receive an email with the link to download their images. Clicking that link will open a page in their browser to download the Gallery. Depending on the size of the Gallery, there may be multiple folders to download. πŸ‘

If your client is having trouble downloading their images, click here to view some helpful information to get them back on track. πŸ™Œ

✨ Helpful Tips ✨

If your client reaches out having trouble downloading their Gallery, they most likely experienced a disruption with their network during the download. This can cause the download to fail and they may not be able to open the ZIP file. Here's some helpful information you can share with them:

If there is a network disruption mid-download, the whole download can fail. If this happens, occasionally the failed ZIP can get cached in the browser which is why it may not work if retried. When downloading, we recommend using stable Wifi (never cellular), on a computer (if possible). 😊 Make sure there is enough space on the computer to fit the files and nothing else is downloading or streaming while the file download occurs. If too many things are downloading, they can reduce speeds for this download down to zero, causing the download to fail. Requesting a new download link should resolve any issues with failed downloads. πŸ™Œ

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