CloudSpot allows you to enable a PIN code when setting up your gallery in the "Download" settings! This PIN code is a private, 4 digit numerical code that is randomly generated to ensure that your galleries stay protected always.

Enabling a Download PIN

To enable the PIN code in your gallery settings, simply navigate to the "Download" section of your gallery. The PIN code will be at the bottom of the section and is automatically disabled. Simply flip the switch to turn it on!Β 

Is my PIN code automatically included in my email?

Great question! It is not automatically included. Since the PIN code is a sensitive part of the security of your gallery, we didn't want to automatically send it out to parents, friends, or coworkers that might not need permission to download in the first place.

To send the download PIN, make sure to check this little box when sending out an email for your gallery on CloudSpot.Β 

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