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How to Zap Store Order Info to a Google Sheet
How to Zap Store Order Info to a Google Sheet

How to have CloudSpot sales info automatically added to a Google Sheet.

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How to Zap Order Info to a Google Sheet

Are you looking for an easier way to keep track of all your store orders? With CloudSpot's Zapier integration, you can Zap new order information directly to a Google Sheet so that you can easily track things like sales tax collected and total order volume!

If you haven't already, you'll need to connect CloudSpot to your Zapier account in order to get this Zap started. Read more about how to do that here! You'll also need to link your Google Drive account with Zapier. Here's how to do that!

Setting Up Your Google Sheet

Once you've got your account connected, it's time to get started by creating your Sales Tracker Sheet. You can easily create a custom Sales Tracker within Google Sheets, or, click the button below to use the template built by the CloudSpot Team!

Sign into your Google Sheets account, and then select "File" on the top left hand corner of the sheet. Click "Make a Copy" to create a copy of the Sales Tracker Template in your own Google Drive account.

Once you have your copy created, you're all set! Time to get our Zap set up.

Setting Up a Trigger

Head over to Zapier and click on "Make a Zap" at the top right-hand corner of the Dashboard.

We'll set up a Trigger that fires every time you receive a new store order. To do this, simply search for CloudSpot in the Trigger search bar and select the icon when it comes up.

Choose the Trigger event called "New Store Order Received". Selecting this option will initiate this Zap any time you receive a new store order. Once you've selected the "New Store Order Received" option, click "Continue".

Select your CloudSpot account when prompted, and click "Continue" again.

Then, select "All Orders" to specify that you'd like to track all orders on this sheet.

Finally, click "Test Trigger" to allow Zapier to pull some sample data from your CloudSpot account. Just know that if you don't have any store orders, this test may fail. That doesn't mean that the Zap won't work, there's just no data* to test right now. Then, click "Continue".

* Feel free to create a 100% discount code for yourself and make a Custom Fulfilled order for free.

Setting Up an Action

Now that we have our Trigger set up, it's time to create an Action. We'll be focusing on logging each sale in our Sales Tracker Sheet using Google Sheets. To start, find or search for Google Sheets within the Action search bar.

Choose the Action event called "Create Spreadsheet Row". Once you've selected the "Create Spreadsheet Row" option, click "Continue".

Select your Google Sheets account from the drop down menu when prompted, and click "Continue" again.

From here, we'll begin mapping out our Sales Tracker Sheet. Simply select your Sales Tracker Sheet from the dropdown menu under "Spreadsheet" and then select "Sales" as the worksheet.

Next, we can map out each column in which we'd like to include information from our sale within CloudSpot in the following format:

Column: "Name of Field"

Date: "Created Date"

Order Number: "Order Number"

Gallery Name: "Gallery Name"

Print Lab: "Print Lab Name"

Sub Total: "Order Subtotal"

Shipping: "Shipping Costs"

Tax: "Tax Value"

Gross Total: "Order Total"

COGS: "Service Application Fee"

Stripe Fee: "Stripe Processing Fee"

Customer Email: "Customer Email"

To calculate Profit, we use a very simple equation that subtracts our Cost of Goods Sold and Stripe Fees from the Order Total.

Profit: ="Order Total"-"Service Application Fee"-"Stripe Processing Fee"

Once you've finished mapping out your fields with the necessary information, click "Continue". You'll then be prompted to test the text message, which you can choose to do by clicking either "Test & Review" or "Test & Continue". Feel free to check your Sales Tracker Sheet to make sure everything came over properly.

Once you've concluded testing, you'll be prompted to turn on your Zap at the bottom of the window.

BOOM! You just set up your Zap! πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰

Now, each time you receive an order on CloudSpot, all of the information will be logged in your Sales Tracker Sheet!

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If you have any questions or need additional help, feel free to contact us in the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner of your dashboard. We're always happy to help!

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