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Whether you're a pro at Facebook marketing already or just getting started in the field, Custom Audiences are a pillar of the platform. Uploading a Customer List to Facebook and creating a Custom Audience lets you shape who sees your ads and refines your targeting, but it can be a tedious process to build a robust audience! Using CloudSpot's Zapier integration, you can automatically add emails collected from your Email Capture form to a Facebook Custom audience and build your ad targeting potential with ease!

If you haven't already, you'll need to connect CloudSpot (and Facebook Custom Audiences) to your Zapier account in order to get this Zap started. Read more about how to do that here!

Once you've got your account connected, it's time to get started with creating your Zap. To begin, login to Zapier and click "Make a Zap" in your account dashboard.

Note: You'll need at least one gallery with Email Capture enabled for this Zap to work.

πŸ”” Setting Up Your Trigger πŸ””

We'll set up a Trigger that fires every time one of your galleries receives a new email via CloudSpot's Email Capture form. To do this, simply search for CloudSpot in the Trigger search bar and select the icon when it comes up.

Choose the Trigger event called "New Email Capture". Selecting this option will initiate this Zap any time someone fills out the Email Capture form. Once you've selected the "New Email Capture" option, click "Continue".

Select your CloudSpot account when prompted, and click "Continue" again.

Finally, click "Test Trigger" to allow Zapier to pull some sample data from your CloudSpot account. Then, click "Continue" when prompted.

πŸ”” Setting Up Your Action πŸ””

Now that we have our Trigger set up, it's time to create an Action. We'll be focusing on how to add an email from our Email Capture form to a Facebook Custom Audience automatically. Simply search for Facebook Custom Audiences in the Action search bar and select the icon when it comes up.

Choose the Action event called "Add Email to Custom Audience". Selecting this option will automatically add a new Email to your Custom Audience each time a new email is captured by CloudSpot's Email Capture form. Once you've selected the "Add Email to Custom Audience" option, click "Continue".

Select your Facebook Custom Audiences account when prompted, and click "Continue" again.

From here, you can map out the necessary fields that you'd like to include. Select the Ad Account that you'd like to work with, then select the Custom Audience you want to add each new email to. Then, map the "Email" field to match up with the email captured from CloudSpot.

Once you've finished mapping out your fields with the necessary information, click "Continue".

You'll be prompted to test the connection to your CloudSpot account, which you can choose to do by clicking either "Test & Review" or "Test & Continue".

Once you've concluded testing, you'll be prompted to turn on your Zap at the bottom of the window, or the top right hand corner.

BOOM! You just set up your Zap! πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰

Now, any Email Capture form submissions within your galleries will be automatically added to your Facebook Custom Audience!

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