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Publishing Client Galleries (Part Two)
Publishing Client Galleries (Part Two)

Learn about the Design and Download sections in your Gallery Settings!

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Let's continue learning about Gallery Settings with the Design and Download tabs!


In the design settings, you can customize the cover page, layout, and overall look of your Gallery.


Choose one of the eight designs for your Gallery Cover that best fits your style and the cover image selected for the Gallery. Once you've selected a Cover design, you can adjust the focal point to ensure it looks amazing on all screens.

Additionally, the cover image for this particular Gallery can be replaced by clicking on the image in the top left corner:


Using the Layout settings, images can be displayed small or large columns or rows. You can also adjust the spacing between images, controlling how far apart or close together they appear in the Gallery.

Color Theme

Depending on your editing style, you can choose between a Light or Dark color theme. The Light color theme will be a standard white background, while the Dark color theme will be a very dark gray.

Image File Names and Watermarks

The Display Image File Name toggle controls whether clients will see the image file names when viewing the Gallery. When disabled, clients will not be able to see the image file name without downloading the image first.

This section is also where you can apply a watermark to the images in your Gallery. This setting will display the watermark on Gallery images but will not be included in Store orders, as we use the original uploaded images for those.


This is where download access for everyone who views the Gallery is controlled. Downloads are disabled by default, so simply flip the toggle to enable free Gallery downloads:

Keep in mind that this section is for free downloads only. If clients need to pay for downloads, leave downloads disabled in the Gallery Settings.

Downloadable Sizes

In this section, you can choose what download sizes to offer to clients. You can offer the full-resolution images only, include social media-sized downloads, or even a custom size.

Folders for Download

By default, all Folders in the Collection at the time of publishing will be available for download. To change this, go to the 'Specific Folders' tab and unselect any Folders you don't want to be downloadable.

Download PIN

Enabling a Download PIN gives clients control over who can download from their Gallery.

When turned on, a 4-digit PIN will be generated, and it will be required for anyone downloading from the Gallery. This PIN can be reset or disabled at any time.

Watermark Downloaded Images

In the Design tab, we covered the option to display a watermark when viewing the Gallery. In the Downloads section, you have the option to apply a watermark to downloaded images as well. This means that when your client downloads an image, it will include the applied watermark.

In the next video, we'll cover the Access and Store sections! Keep watching πŸ‘‰

If you have any questions or need additional help, feel free to contact us in the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner of your dashboard. We're always happy to help!

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