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Publishing Client Galleries (Part Two)
Publishing Client Galleries (Part Two)

Learn about the Download, Sales, and Access settings within Galleries!

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Let's continue learning about Gallery Settings with Download, Sales, and Access tabs!


Enabling downloads in your Gallery means clients will be able to download their images as many times as they from the Gallery!

Downloads are always disabled by default, so if your client's images are included with their session, make sure to enable downloads in the Gallery.

Within your download settings, you can choose which Folders are downloadable, offer multiple download sizes, and enable a download PIN.


Enabling Sales allows your client to purchase products directly from their Gallery! If you've already set up your Store, Sales will already be turned on in any Galleries you publish. You can always disable Sales for any Galleries you don't want to offer them in.


You're able to create multiple Catalogs and curate them based on the type of session you've booked or the client you're selling to. Using the Catalog drop-down menu, you can choose the Catalog that applies to your Gallery.

Discount Codes

If offering any Store discounts to your client, you'll want to make sure Discount Codes are enabled in the Gallery. Additionally, you can limit which discount codes are accepted in a particular Gallery.

It's important to note that clients have no way of seeing what discount codes you have active, so they will only know about the codes you share with them.

Sales Banner

A Sales Banner can be used to communicate any brief and important information with your client. For example, this is a great place to share a discount code with your clients letting them know they can get 10% off prints!


Access settings control how your client will access their Gallery and is a very important step in your Gallery setup.

The access tab is a very important section within your gallery setup. From here you have the ability to secure your gallery with a password and set up email capture to monitor who visits your gallery. To activate the email capture feature, turn on the toggle on the left-hand side under "Enable email capture". Once activated, this feature will prompt any visitor to enter their name and email address before they enter your gallery. After entering the information, Cloudspot will store it for you to reference later in your analytics section.

Email Capture

Email Capture being enabled will require clients to enter their name and email to access the Gallery. This setting will always be on default but can be disabled at any time. However, we always recommend keeping Email Capture on as it lets you know who is accessing your Gallery! If disabled, you will still get notified when your Gallery is viewed, but will not know who is accessing it.


Galleries can be set to expire after a date of your choice. When a Gallery expires, it will still be accessible from your side, but your client will not be able to view it once the expiration date passes. You can disable or extend the expiration date at any time to give your client access to the Gallery again.

Additionally, you can have an automated reminder email sent out to your clients before their Gallery expires. This is a great way to remind clients to download and/or purchase their images before the Gallery is no longer available!


Galleries can be password protected as well. When enabling a Password, you can type In your own, custom password, or generate a random string of characters.


Watermarks are a great way to protect your images. Whether downloads are available or not in the Gallery, you can use Watermarks as a way to deter clients from taking screenshots of the images, and instead actually downloading them.

Watermarks can also be enabled for downloaded images if applicable!

✨ Note: When enabled through the Gallery Settings, watermarks are not included on any Store orders. Meaning, if your client purchases a print or digital download, they will receive the original, watermark-free image.

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If you have any questions or need additional help, feel free to contact us in the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner of your dashboard. We're always happy to help!

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