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Print & Digital Store Packages

Sell bundles of Prints and Digitals together

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With Print & Digital Packages, you can now bundle products in your Catalog together. It's never been easier to offer 3 4x6s, 1 16x20, and 3 Digital Downloads all for one set price in your Catalog 🙌

By adding Packages to your Catalogs, you simplify every client’s shopping experience and increase your income opportunity from every gallery! 🤩

In this article, we will take you step-by-step on how to set up Packages in your Store and then answer some FAQs. For examples of what to offer clients and to read about some strategies around why you might want to offer Packages, check out our blog 📓

Setting Up Packages

Step 1: Add all products you want to package together to your Catalog

Before you can create the Package, you first need to add all the Auto-Fulfillment, Custom Fulfillment, and Digital Products to your catalog that you want to include in your Package. If you have Custom Fulfillment products included, also be sure to add Custom Fulfillment Shipping options for your client to select at checkout.

Step 2: Add a new Package

Click "+Add Product" at the top of your Catalog page and select "Package" from the dropdown:

Step 3: Upload Package preview images

Add up to 5 sample images to showcase what's included in the Package:

Step 4: Add Product Name and Description

Give your package a name and an optional description. All contents of the package will also be listed as part of the description, so no need to list everything included in the package:

Step 5: Select Package Restrictions

Limit one per checkout: When toggled, your client will only be able to add one package to their cart per transaction.

Single image restriction: When toggled, your client will only be able to select one image to be printed on all products included in the package. If you select this option, be sure to only add one Single Image Digitial Download. If you include two or more Single Image Digital Downloads, only the one image will be delivered.

Step 6: Add Products to the Package

Click the "Add Product" button to select any product from your Catalog.

Note that Cards and Albums are not available. Due to their customizable nature, it's not possible to properly price packages that contain these products.

After adding the product(s), easily edit the quantity of each product below:

Step 7 - Set your Package Price

If you're including Auto-Fulfillment products, you can see the total Lab Costs to the right of the Package Price. The total Package Price must be more than the cost to our Partner Labs.

✨ FAQ ✨

Q: Can clients buy products from the Package "à la carte"?

A: In order for a product to be purchased, it needs to be made available for individual purchase. While there is no way to prevent clients from purchasing items by themselves, you can always add an Order Minimum for the Catalog. When set, clients will not be able to complete their purchase until they've met the Order Minimum.

Q: What types of products can I add?

A: You can add Prints, Wall Art (Canvases & Metal Prints), Custom Fulfillment, and Digital Downloads to your Package. Because the price of Albums and Cards varies depending on how they are customized, it is not possible to add those products to the package.

Q: Can I offer multiple packages in a catalog?

A. Yup! You can add as many Packages to your catalog as you'd like!

If you have any questions or need additional help, feel free to contact us in the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner of your dashboard. We're always happy to help!

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