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Set a Minimum Order Amount (Optional)
Set a Minimum Order Amount (Optional)

Learn how to require a minimum order amount in your Catalog!

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Setting a Minimum Order Amount in a Catalog means that clients need to reach that value in their cart before they can check out. This is a great tool if you're keeping a lower markup or using an option like Premium Packaging and want to ensure your costs are covered.

Apply a Minimum Order Amount

When creating a Catalog, the Minimum Order Amount can be found in the Catalog Settings:

The value entered in this field will reflect the dollar amount required for clients to check out - for example $10, $20, or $25.

When placing an order, client will not be able to move forward with checking out until they have at least that amount in their cart:

Keep in mind: Minimum Order Amounts set in the Catalog are a general minimum that applies to all orders (from that Catalog), regardless of any discounts being applied. If you prefer to enforce a minimum amount before clients can use a discount, you can enable that setting within the discount code instead.

Apply a Minimum Order Amount to an Existing Catalog

If there's an existing Catalog you'd like to apply a Minimum Order Amount to, simply click on the three dots in the top right corner of the Catalog to open the settings:

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