Quickly search and locate your client favorites in Lightroom with CloudSpot's "Copy List" button in the Event Analytics.

Navigate to your Analytics by either clicking on the Event, and then “Analytics” at the top right corner


Hovering over the event and clicking on the menu drop down arrow that should appear on the top right of the event, and clicking on “Analytics”

Select the Favorites section and then choose the favorites list you wish to view

In Quick Actions select the "Copy file names" option

The file names are now copied to your clipboard. You can paste this list anywhere.

To quickly find these images in Lightroom, open Lightroom and in the menu click on the Library > Find (command + F)


Select the "Text" option in the Library Filter and choose "Any Searchable Field" and "Contains" from the drop down options.



Paste the list of filenames into the Library search box.

**Having trouble getting all of the files to appear? Here are a couple links below to Adobe's Lightroom Forum which may help troubleshoot this for you.**

Issue: Spaces in Filenames

Original LR Forum Thread

Quick Video Tutorial

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