You can easily send your client a ZIP file to a specific Folder of images! In your Collection, hover your mouse over the Folder you want to send and click on the three dots to open the Folder drop-down menu. From here, select "Send .zip link".

Note: Sending a ZIP link to your client means they will be able to immediately download those images. If you are not offering free downloads to your clients, only send images via a Gallery with downloads disabled. Click here to learn how to disable downloads in a Gallery.

After selecting "Send .zip link", you'll be prompted to enter the email of the client you're sending this Folder.

You can choose if you'd like to add any additional Folders to your direct download email! To add an individual Folder, click the "+" next to the Folder you want to add. If you want to include all Folders in your email, you can hit 'Add All'.

You'll then be able to further customize the direct download settings. You can limit the number of times the file can be downloaded, set an expiration date, customize the image size, and enable watermarks. ๐Ÿ™Œ

Next, choose the e-mail template youโ€™d like to use. You can make edits to the text in case there are any last-minute changes youโ€™d like to make.

Press send, and you're done! ๐ŸŽ‰

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