Click open the collection, hover your mouse over the folder you want to send, and click the "email" icon.

When the pop-up appears, enter in who you’d like to send your images to. You can type in an e-mail address, the name of someone in your Contacts, or a Contact Tag.

**NOTE: If you need to send more than one folder, select the "+" next to the folder(s) you also want to send.**

You’ll be able to limit the number of times the link can be used by your client, how long the link can be active, adjust the download size, and add a watermark. Free users can send a max 3600px on the longest edge.

Next, choose the e-mail template you’d like to use. You can make edits to the text in case there are any last-minute changes you’d like to make.

Once you press send, you should get a confirmation pop-up! And you’re done!

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