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Adding Your Own Logos
Adding Your Own Logos
How to add your logo and brand to your CloudSpot galleries and emails.
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Since CloudSpot is totally invisible to your clients, we highly recommend adding your own logos and branding to your account!

Your logos will be seen on the online gallery cover photo, inside the online galleries, in your CloudSpot Emails.

Currently logo files can be jpeg or transparent png files. Make sure the longest edge is at least 400 pixels. But to make sure it looks great on retina displays, upload a 1200 pixel image.

To add, replace, or remove a logo file:

Click on “My Account” in the top right hand corner, and then click on “Settings”.

Select "Gallery Settings" and scroll down to Branding on the page to view your current logo files for Company Logo and Cover Photo Logo.

For the email header, go to Email Templates.

For any logo, click "Remove Image"  to remove your logo or click "Upload Image" to upload a new logo.

Once you see the new logo appear in the thumbnail preview, you are all set. The new logo has been saved and will immediately be applied to all existing online galleries and future emails you send!

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