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In this article, we will finish creating our gallery and navigate through the advanced tab settings, covering how to create multiple galleries, as well as client mobile apps!


The Advanced tab is where you’ll find a few extra ways to streamline your gallery workflow and take your client’s experience to the next level!

At the top left, you'll notice the Social Media Sharing toggle. This toggle allows you to control whether or not your clients have the ability to share images from their gallery directly on social media. The toggle turns on their ability to share to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and via email. In addition, when viewing on a mobile device, they’ll see the ability to share images via text message! This type of sharing always links back to their gallery, so don’t worry about the files themselves being sent out - this is an especially quick and easy way to empower others to share the photos they love!

You can easily change this particular gallery’s language setting by choosing from a variety of languages using the dropdown menu here on the left as well.

On the right side, you have the option to include a video or slideshow in your gallery. CloudSpot doesn’t host the embedded content directly, but rather displays the media from any of these awesome sites right at the top of your gallery!

The “Other URL” option is great if you host videos on Dropbox or Google Drive, as you can allow clients to view and download those files directly within their gallery! Additionally, you can take advantage of this flexible area to inject forms, proposals, or any other type of media you’d like!

The last thing on your 'advanced tab' is the Gallery Preset option! This allows you to take the current settings that you just adjusted in your gallery, and save them for future use. When creating Galleries, simply select your desired preset in the General tab and the preset will automatically adjust your gallery based on the chosen preset!


Now, if all your settings look good, click “Publish” and you'll see your brand new gallery appear in the list of Galleries for this Collection. Congrats! You just published your first gallery! 🎉

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To view your Gallery, click the "Galleries & Apps" button in the top right-hand corner of your Collection. From here you email the Gallery to your clients, edit the Gallery Settings, and quickly grab the link!

Multiple Galleries

Within CloudSpot, you have the fantastic ability to create multiple gallery links from just a single collection of images!

Multiple galleries can grant you a TON of flexibility to create different galleries for different situations. You can create an additional gallery for your vendors, or your favorite photos to use in your Portfolio. The options are endless. You simply need to click "Publish New" to create an additional gallery!

Mobile Apps 📱

In addition to creating multiple Galleries, here you can also create client mobile apps! These are mobile-only galleries that can be saved directly to your client's phone! They carry all the same functionality a regular gallery would - your clients can still download, favorite, and purchase items from the store - but in a compact, easily shareable app. Mobile apps are shared just like galleries!

Ultimately, no matter how you utilize galleries with CloudSpot, we strive to have your business be the hero at every turn! 🙌

In the next article, we'll discuss the best practices for delivering your gallery directly to your clients! Read on, friend.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us in the chat bubble here in the lower right-hand corner.

We're here and we're happy to help! 😄

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