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Publishing Client Galleries (Part Three)
Publishing Client Galleries (Part Three)

Learn about the Access and Store tab in your Gallery Settings!

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We've made it to the last part of our Gallery Settings tutorial! In this video, we'll be covering how clients can access and order from their Gallery.

We'll also be taking a look at Mobile Apps and how you can publish multiple Galleries from the same set of images in your Collection. 🤯


The Access tab is an important section, and can be really powerful. This is where you control how Gallery visitors view the Gallery.

Email Capture

At the top, we have the Email Capture feature. When enabled, every Gallery visitor will need to enter their name and email address to view the Gallery. We recommend leaving Email Capture on so you can keep track of who is viewing and downloading from the Gallery in your Collection Analytics. However, if you prefer to omit this step for Gallery visitors, simply toggle it off.

Password Protection

The password is a critical feature for more sensitive galleries like those for boudoir sessions and those involving children. This password is Cap-sensitive and we recommend using something that is not easily guessed. If in doubt, use the Generate button to create a secure password.

Expiration Date

If you choose to set an expiration date for the Gallery, it will become inaccessible to clients after the specified date. However, the Collection will remain on your account, and you can reactivate the Gallery at any time.

You also have the option to send an automated reminder email before the expiration date. Simply set the number of days before expiration for the email to be sent, select a template (default or custom), and choose to send it to all Gallery visitors or specific email addresses.


You can have sales enabled in your Galleries, giving clients an easy and seamless way to order high quality prints right from their Gallery. If you are not already set up to sell, we recommend checking out our Store quick Start Guide in the CloudSpot Help Center.

When your Store is connected, sales will automatically be enabled in all Galleries and Mobile Apps you publish. If you need to keep sales off for a particular Gallery, click on the toggle to disable that feature:

Sales Catalog

Catalogs determine the products and pricing displayed in the Gallery. You can have one or multiple Catalogs!

If you have multiple, you can select which one to apply to the Gallery:

Discount Codes

Discounts will be disabled by default, but we recommend turning those on even if you’re not offering any discounts to your clients right now. You never know when you might want to run a sale, so having those enabled gives you that ability in the future.

If needed, you can customize which discounts are allowed in the Gallery. Remember, clients will never see which discounts you have active; they will only have access to codes shared directly with them!

Sales Banner

The Sales Banner feature allows you to add a custom message that will be displayed at the top of your Gallery. It’s a great way to bring attention to any gallery-specific discounts, special announcements, or even just add a little thank you message to your clients.


If you plan to use the same settings across more than one Gallery, we recommend saving those as a Preset!

Before publishing a Gallery, make sure to check the box in the top right corner to save your current settings as a Preset and quickly apply them tp future Galleries - saving you valuable time!


When you’re ready to publish the Gallery, click the publish button in the top right and add a name to your preset, if applicable. Then you can view or share the Gallery right away!

Now that your Gallery is published, you can manage it by clicking the Galleries & Apps button in your Collection. From here you can view the Gallery, copy the link, and most importantly, share it with your clients.

Manage Presets

Using the Manage Presets button at the top, you can also rename or delete any presets that you’ve previously created!

Multiple Galleries

One amazing feature Within CloudSpot is the ability to publish more than one Gallery from the same set of images.

This is a great way to keep all Galleries pertaining to a particular event or photoshoot organized in one place. For example, you can publish a separate Gallery to share with vendors or create a Gallery just for sharing on your Portfolio. The best part is additional Galleries published from the same set of images do not contribute to your Storage usage. 🙌

To publish a new Gallery, simply click Publish New from the Galleries & Apps menu!

Mobile Apps

In addition to creating multiple Galleries, you can also create a Mobile App for your client. These are mobile only Galleries that can be saved directly to your client’s phone. Mobile Apps carry all the same functionality as a regular Gallery, but in a compact, easily accessible app. Your clients can still download, favorite, and purchase items from the store. 🤩

In the next article, we'll discuss the best practices for delivering your gallery directly to your clients! Read on, friend.

If you have any questions or need additional help, feel free to contact us in the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner of your dashboard. We're always happy to help!

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