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In this article, we will learn how easy and fast it is to deliver and share your photos with CloudSpot! 🎉 We will go through how to email your gallery to your clients as well as how to send a zip folder for instant download straight to your client's email. Let's get started!

Delivering a Gallery

The first step to delivering your client's Gallery is to click on the “Galleries & Apps” button in the upper righthand corner of your Collection. This will show you the list of published Galleries and Apps. Under the Gallery you’d like to send out, click on the “Email” button.

You can copy and paste emails or write an address directly into the “Send To” box.

If you've sent an email to this person in the past via CloudSpot and you saved them in your CloudSpot contacts list, all you’ll need to do is start typing their name and then quickly select it to move on.

CloudSpot will automatically BCC your email by default so that you receive a copy. This is a great way to keep a record of your emails and to see how your delivery looks to your client. You can opt out of the BCC function by deselecting the check box on the left.

Click ‘Next’. The delivery method window will pop up with two-button selections.

Online Gallery

The Online Gallery selection is the left side button. With this option, your client will receive an email with a button directing them to the gallery where they can view, download, share, and purchase images. 🎉

Online Gallery & Zip File

The Online Gallery & Zip file option is located on the right. With this option, your client will receive an email containing a button directing them to the gallery as described in the first option. They will also receive a button containing a zip file of all their images ready for instant download straight from their email! This option in particular makes it SO easy for your clients to quickly grab their images without having to go through their gallery. 🎉

Delivering a zip file of images with your gallery gives you the flexibility to customize this instant download link separately from other downloads in your gallery. This gives you the ability to deliver two image sizes to your client! For example, you can deliver the full-res images via email, and allow the social media size images to be downloaded from the gallery!

The "Online Gallery & Zip File” method prompts a few more settings to customize.

If you have more than one folder in your Collection, the next screen will ask you which folders you would like to include in this email. If you only have one folder, you won’t see this option.

The next screen allows for customization. By default, this download link will expire in two months, but you can change the expiration date if you wish on the left. You can set a max number of downloads for this link specifically, the image resolution size, and the option to watermark the images in this zip folder specifically!

The last step is for you to compose the email body for your client. If you have created email templates, this is where you can quickly choose a template from the drop-down menu and then add any final adjustments before sending it out!

Pro tip: Personalizing the subject line of your emails especially lowers the risk of your email getting caught up in those pesky spam filters!

Hit send and that's it! ✉️ 🎉

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Your clients will receive a beautifully customized email with quick actions to view and/or download their photos! Because CloudSpot is mobile-friendly, you can email Galleries when you’re on the go as well!

In the next article, we'll be reviewing the Analytics and Contacts sections of CloudSpot so that you can see exactly how this information is stored!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us in the chat bubble here in the lower right-hand corner.

We're here and we're happy to help! 😊

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